Break the box, get out of the ordinary.

Welcome to the world of Dandy Villas. Under the brand of Dandy Villas, Dandy on the Hill and Dandy on the Beach we created accommodations with special aesthetics harmonized with the local tradition that promise an exciting experience through the beauties of the Greek terrain. Dandy Villas combine luxury and modern comfort, together with the aesthetics and culture of the Greek tradition. Dandy on the Beach includes summer accommodations decorated with love and respect for the visitor, while Dandy on the Hill accommodations are traditional winter residences that promise a unique relaxing experience in harmony with the natural environment.

We have created for you different accommodations in various areas of Greece, such as at the village Emporio of Santorini, at Velanidia of Monemvasia, at Kallikratia of Halkidiki, at Palaios Agios Athanasios of Edessa and at Nymfaio of Florina. Each of them is beautifully decorated with modern touches which combine perfectly with the architecture of the houses.

Even for nature lovers we have created close to Athens, in the area of ​​Parnassus and specifically in the areas of Agoriani and Amfiklia, 8 special aesthetic chalets that combine the tradition of the area with modern comfort for a unique experience of rest and relaxation. The Dandy Cave Villa in Santorini with the Moroccan and elegant decoration, the Dandy On The Beach at Velanidia with the “home” approach, the Dandy On The Beach at Kallikratia, which combines rest and a variety of activities, the Dandy on the Hill 1 & Dandy On The Hill 2 at Palaios Agios Athanasios with traditional wood and stone as the main materials, are here to offer you a great and unique holiday experience. Also The Snow Fairy at Nymfaio combines the traditional way of life with the modern aesthetics. Whether you love winter or summer, whether you love the sea or the snow, whether you want a quiet holiday or want to explore every inch of the place you visit, Dandy Villas are in the right places to stay.




whatever your preferences may be...

We love Greece, its uniqueness and the variety of choices it provides. We love the Greek sun, the sea and the unique mountainous natural wealth of our country and we have chosen with passion destinations that will surprise the visitor and his senses. We love the beauties of the Mediterranean and our neighboring countries and with respect to our visitors we try to expand the special experiences that can be gained on a trip through our accommodations. That’s why we offer unique accommodations, whatever your preferences may be.


You just get in your good mood and we will take care of the rest!