Dandy Villas – Sweet Green Apple



Two-storey traditional house


Living room


1 Sofa – Bed


Dining room




1 WC with bathtub


Washing machine






Hot water




Fire extinguishers








Smart TVs



logs (1)

Firewood (extra charge)




Air conditioning








Essentials (towels, sheets, soap, toilet paper, pillows, disposable gloves, antiseptics, disposable masks)


Fully equipped kitchen (oven, hob, cookware, coffee maker, espresso machine, kettle, electric kettle)



Bedrooms: 1


Persons: 4


WC: 1

Dandy Villas are pleased to present you one of their new accommodations: Sweet Green Apple” which is located at the most central point of the mythical Tsagarada of Pelion, the mountain of the Centaurs. Next to the square of Agia Paraskevi.

It is a unique, private, luxurious accommodation for all seasons of the year:

Autumn for hiking, swimming…

Winter for skiing, rest in a fairytale white environment…

Spring when the flowers are at their peak and the magic unfolds before your eyes…

Summer for coolness, relaxation, taverns, swimming, cafes, bars…

An ideal destination that combines everything.

The house, part of a complex of 4 houses, is located in the traditional settlement of Agia Paraskevi, just a 2-minute walk from the settlement square – with its characteristic huge 13-century plane tree.

Just the sight of this plane tree trunk is enough to leave you in awe.

What does nature do and not be tamed?

Entering the house you will find a single room where there is a living room with a fireplace, a dining room, an office for “business and pleasure”, a fully equipped kitchen and a corner sofa-bed where 2 people can sleep. There is also a huge room, which very comfortably fits the double bed, a wall-to-wall wardrobe, an antique floor mirror and the bathroom with a bathtub.

Here, inside and outside the house, the color green dominates, the decoration is lighter than the rest of the houses, but at the same time, it is special and romantic. In the outdoor area there is a swimming pool, a built-in table and a bench. Ideal landscape amongst the chestnut trees to forget about everyday life and become an element of nature.

Finally, in the courtyard of the house at the small swimming pool (2x3m.) – you can relax under the wonderful sun or the starry sky – if you choose it in the evening. In the rest of the yard there is built in garden furniture for lounging, reading or enjoying a meal of your choice. In all areas of the house we have Wi-Fi so you can surf the internet whenever you need it.

Sweet Green Apple”can comfortably accommodate up to 4 guests.

The village:

We welcome you to the most cosmopolitan village of Pelion, Tsagarada (meaning nice location) which welcomes every visitor from afar with joy.

Welcome to a place with wonderful nature, which uniquely combines the mountain and the sea, which has history, joy, fun, changes, surprises.

Here, which path can you follow that won’t lead you to the sea?

Which path to follow that doesn’t take you somewhere in the mountains or in a clearing – that doesn’t leave you speechless because of its incomparable beauty, its peace, its effortless calm?

Here and only here you will admire the absolute feast of colors, infinite colorful hydrangeas – which from “simple” plants have become trees, year after year. Lovely camellias everywhere in almost every home garden, fragrant gardenias, chestnut. The majesty of nature and the world’s best musician have created in Pelion the best work – which is the very sound of nature. Birds, cicadas, rustling of the wind are the best live orchestra that becomes incomparable classical melody for our ears. Can you help but ponder: “what can nature do when it’s in a mood?”

And we will then answer you: “You have to be here to experience the magic!”

SweetGreenApple is located in one of the most famous villages of Pelion, Tsagarada.

Tsagarada was built around 1600 AD. It is full of mansions that are sparsely built one from the other.

The location of our 4 Dandy Villas in Pelion is ideal as they are just 650 meters from the village square, Agia Paraskevi, where one of the oldest trees in Greece and perhaps Europe is located, the plane tree of Tsagarada. A narrow alley is the secret way to the square. It’s age, according to foresters, is about 13 centuries.

With the coolness that this historical plane tree will offer you, you will enjoy your coffee, local delicacies and your drink in the evening. Everything happens differently when you are under the roof of this old plane tree. It is an experience that must be lived. Seeing the huge trunk of this plane tree dominating all the other trees and standing proud – for centuries – who can fail to be amazed?

Next to the plane tree there is a picturesque historical church, the church of Agia Paraskevi.

It will be our pleasure and honor to welcome you to a unique, blessed place with inexhaustible springs, towering trees, raging nature, colorful flowers – hanging gardens, with calm sea in summers, in the place where, from time immemorial, deities, fairies, lived. Here where unparalleled myths were created – powerful stories.

Do you want to create a beautiful, unrepeatable accommodation story together?

Dandy villas “Sweet Green Apple” welcomes you to the village of Tsagarada.

The truly stately Tsagarada, one of the most beautiful and well-known villages of the mountain, offers a wonderful view of the Aegean Sea.

It is divided into four districts, each with a different hue. First the district of Agios Taxiarches, then the district of Agia Paraskevi and then Agios Stefanos. Lastly, Agia Kyriaki which is lower than the others.

The picturesque houses of the village nestle sparsely, in the green of the mountain. A place with constant tourist traffic in winter and summer.

The village has many mansions, of the well-known Pelioreite architecture, as well as of the one that was created – a hundred years ago – when the expats of this place built their mansions in a different rhythm.

The port of Tsagarada, the famous Mylopotamos, with two wonderful sandy beaches with very small pebbles, which do not stick to the body of the bathers, constitutes a beautiful corner of the Aegean. The coastal location of Fakistraalso has wild beauty. From this beach one can go by boat to the place of Panagia Megalomata, which is a cave dedicated to Panagia (Mother Mary), where there is also an icon of her. Next to this cave, according to tradition, was the Hidden School where monks taught the children to read and write during the Turkish occupation.

For those who love winter activities, the ski center of Pelion is quite close at 21 km (about 30 minutes by car).


Thessaloniki 212 km

Athens 331 km

Volos 50 km

Portaria 34 km

Chania 22 km

Mylopotamos 6 km

Zagora 25 km

Makrynitsa 37 km

Milies 23 km