Agoriani, one of the most famous villages of Parnassos!

It is a village that gave birth to great Greek fighters…

On the map you will also find it as Eptalofos, a name that indicates its location on seven hills …

at an altitude of up to 1,100 m, on the northwestern slopes of MountParnassos. And it is exactly this geographical location, in a landscape full of springs, plane trees and firs overlooking Kallidromo and the authentic smell from a village that have made Agorianian attraction on the other, more relaxed and nature-loving side of Parnassos, beyond from the cosmopolitan Arachova.

The beautiful cobbled square with the taverns and the tall plane trees is a classic starting point for the routes of the visitors. Following from here the stone path next to the ravine, fifty meters above a small waterfall awaits you. In the village you will find old (but renovated) churches of the 19th century, such as the ones built on a spring Agios Anargyros and Agia Paraskevi with the huge oak of Sikelianos.

The ideal seasons to enjoy the forest are spring and autumn and in winter the destination is suitable for skiing on Mount Parnassos.


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